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5 Levels of Military Copy

Strategic: This category is inclusive of all military service across time periods and branches. Words in this category include “military”, “service”, “deployment”, etc. Strategic copy is broad and commonly generic. This is this copy used to check the box on military marketing. This level of copy can only differentiate you from those who don't do anything towards the military at all.

Branch: Almost self-explanatory. Branch specific copy include knowing how to refer to each branch.  Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen & Marines are NOT the same thing.  Just as no one likes being mistakenly referred to as their sibling, members of one branch do not like being referred to as another…especially Marines!

Specialty: This copy recognizes and appeals to service men and women based upon their professional community, i.e. infantry, aviation, ships, etc. Interestingly, some specialties have more in common with other branches in different specialties of the same branch, i.e. Naval Aviators (pilots) have more in common with Army & Air Force pilots than they do with than they do with Navy ship drivers.

Location: Geographically specific copy acknowledges base names as well as the nuances between branches and specialties (West Coast vs East Coast). Within the military a common jab is between similar groups on each coast.  For instance the running joke is West Coast units makes movies, while East Coast units make history. Or just ask a Marine what's the difference between Camp Pendleton Camp Lejeune and watch the response.

Unit: the holy grail of insight applied marketing!  Creating copy with unit names is one of the most effective differentiating tactics. A company advertising near Norfolk, VA that is able to identify with specific ships would be an epic differentiation!... “Welcome Home Sailors of USS ANYSHIP” would be a prime example.

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